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Design Sprint Studio

Within a week our UX practitioners will work with the team to create a user tested clickable MVP prototype. During the week long process or practitioners will work with the team to solve product challenges through collaboration, prototyping and testing of the MVP prototype with end users. This process will help you gain valuable insights into your product.

Rapid Delivery of Process Driven Design

Front-End Engineering

Accelerate Web & Mobile Application Design, Development & Deployment

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Enterprise Agile Assessments

Customized Roadmaps to Reducing Lead Time & Accelerating Product Development

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Agile Bootcamps

Fast-Track Agile Adoption & Accelerate Product Development

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Enterprise Agile Coaching

Accelerate Product Development & Establish Servant Leadership

Our hands-on thought leaders integrate on-site to get your teams InRhythm with a customized methodology to find the right balance of people, process and product.

Our embedded coaching accelerates adoption of Agile & Lean principles and their practical application to customer-facing product development. We work with your teams to establish the practice of continuous improvement, and enhance the ability of teams to deliver customer-focused products rapidly and frequently. InRhythm coaches guide teams to apply these skills to launch an initial Minimum Viable Product (MVP) through continuous delivery of high velocity product development.

To learn more about Agile Practice, check our Interactive Scrum Diagram

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